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Facial treatment

Facial treatment

Filorga Facial Therapy

Enter the world of Filorga skin Perfusion, the anti-aging treatments of non-surgical aesthetic medicine : practices inspired by medical aesthetic procedures (cryotherapy, light therapy and the ultra-concentrated assets formulas (botox + hyaluronic acid).

Skin Perfusion, The keys of an unprecedented effectiveness: Formulated with active ingredients derived from aesthetic medicine. Used in dermatology or from latest cosmetic innovation, Skin perfusion range is a concentrate of efficiency. its airless packagings preserve the freshenss of the formulas for a maximized performance. ultra-sensorial textures can be mixed together for tailor-made treatments.

Anti-aging Signature Skin Perfusion treatment

115 €

This treatment combines the best of each technique for a global anti-aging treatment : the facial features are relieved, the skin redensified and the face complexion radiant. This treatment includes the peeling exfoliant with glycolic acid for a Baby skin result.


Filorga Skin Perfusion treatment

85 €

Each practice proposed in our beauty center combines both Skin Perfusion serums, an anti-aging treatment and medical aesthetic techniques perfectly adapted to the condition of your skin and the desires of the moment (extra firmness, anti-aging, radiance, hydration, anti-stains, sensitive skin, etc.)


New Skin peeling treatment

40 €

35 minutes

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