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Spa Duo

Spa Duo

We are presents a fusion spa experience, combining the best of its signature spa treatments with its state-of-the-art hydrothermal facilities within The modern equipment to maximise your wellness experience.

Also Inspired by Asian ancient traditions dating back centuries, Bouddha Spa selection of classic therapies features timeless secrets of wellness and beauty.

Sit back and relax as our therapist welcomes you with a soothing Foot Bath. Leave the cares of the world behind as you enjoy an herbal drink and refreshments. Revel in serenity and retreat into the intimacy of your privee sanctuary with your loved one.


For Two

Bouddha Royal Duo


Jacuzzi Relaxing (30min) + Hot steam with herbs (15 min) + Facial (20min) + Foot massage (20min) + Relax massage u choose(1h)


Romantic Spa Duo (Special price)


Relaxing Jacuzzi + hot steam herbs (1h) + Facial (15 min) + Body Scrubs (15 min) + Thai massage (1h)